-Internet sex predators are sending out thousands of friend requests on social networking sites to trawl for young victims.
The perverts are making massive sweeps of the sites in an attempt to identify and groom their preferred prey, police say.
They have warned young people not to accept as friends people they do not know, and not to post personal information about themselves for all to read.
Investigators are increasingly encountering cases of young girls who are blackmailed into sex by strangers they have accepted as “friends”.
Victims are convinced by the predators to strip for a webcam then told the images will be circulated unless they meet sex demands.
In one case, a man was charged with allegedly having sex with a girl he had met online.
But she was the only one to come forward to police and investigators suspect the man used the same technique to have sex with many more.
Offenders risk a rape charge because they have removed consent from the sexual relationship.
Detective Senior-Sergeant Rob Ridley, of the sexual crimes squad, said girls being trapped by this method was a “common scenario”.
He said there were many young people who did not report the crime out of embarrassment or fear.
The deviants often paint themselves as good-looking with an exciting and appealing lifestyle.
He said parents needed to know the risks and try to be their children’s online friends so they could monitor their cyber activities.
Senior Sergeant Ridley said perverts approaching children online often started by taking a heightened interest in their life and gradually tried to alienate then from their parents and other authority figures. They would then start to talk about sexual behaviour, trying to normalise it through conversation, then convincing the victim to strip for a web camera.
Senior- Sergeant Ridley said the same precautions needed to be taken with private information on the internet as in any other circumstance – Mark Buttler


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