– One of India’s most successful entrepreneurs was found hanged days after she registered a police complaint against her in-laws for “dowry harassment”.

Akanksha Rathi, 32, told police her in-laws had never overcome her low-caste status and were trying to stop her claiming her husband’s inheritance.

Mrs Rathi was known in India’s male-dominated steel industry for her designer style and sharp business acumen. She had transformed  an outpost of her husband’s family business into a $67 million-a-year company.

But her husband’s parents had allegedly opposed her “love marriage” to Anirudh Rathi, who died of a heart attack in September.

She said the family waged a campaign of harassment against her in the weeks after his death to stop her inheriting his share of the family steel empire.

Detectives in Madhya Pradesh said they had received anonymous calls soon after her body was found in Delhi last week to say the death was not a suicide. Mrs Rathi had travelled to Delhi to attend a religious ceremony for her late husband when his parents confiscated  her property and claimed she had no right to it, police said.

She was later reported missing and was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her Delhi home.

Ms Rathi’s family said they had found a draft text message in her mobile phone, which appeared to suggest a despair with her in-laws. ” ‘I am killing myself because these people don’t keep me properly’, these were the words which I found,” Ms Rathi’s mother told “The Hinustan Times” – Telegraph


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