$500 MILLION BREACH CLEARED – Tuesday February 5 2013

– The Australian Federal Police has confirmed that it will not investigate defence contractor BAE Systems for a Defence Department security breach.

The company pulled out of a $500 million communications contract last year after it was revealed two employees leaked sensitive information from the Australian Defence Department’s computer system.

The employees passed on details to colleagues that gave them an unfair advantage in the tender for a contract that could have led to 20 years’ work for BAE Systems.

AFP spokesman Darin Ferguson said: “The AFP can confirm it has not received a referral in relation to this matter.”

The AFP’s decision comes as serious allegations have been levelled at a former BAE Systems boss.

British authorities are investigating allegations the man accepted two flats in London’s ritzy Mayfair district, valued at $9 million, from people linked to the Saudi royal family. The former boss allegedly received the flats as a kickback for organising bribes that were paid to the Saudi royal family in exchange for millions in defence contracts, London’s Sunday Times reported at the weekend.

The Australian Defence Department was forced to re-tender its communications system contract after BAE Systems pulled out last year over the security failure.

The lucrative contract requires a company to be able to provide communications systems for soldiers in battle, particularly in rugged conditions such as those Australian forces are currently encountering in Afghanistan.

BAE Systems spokesman Simon Latimer said the allegations about the former BAE boss went back 25 years and had been fully investigated in the past – Stephen Drill


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