– Murdered underworld boss Carl Williams grabbed $6000 from his father on his way to a meeting at a suburban swimming pool with a Drug Squad detective, a court has heard.

And George Williams testified in Victoria’s Supreme Court on Friday that his son and former policeman Paul Dale had met several times at various locations across Melbourne.

Mr Williams told the court that he remembered driving his son – whom he described in court as a very honest person – to the East Keilor Leisure Centre on one occasion after Carl told him he was going there to meet Dale, who was a detective with Victoria Police’s Major Drug Investigation Division at the time.

Mr Williams, said the get-together followed a chance meeting between Carl and Dale in Albert Park on August 1st, 2003.

The court heard that on the way to the swimming pool, his son asked him if he had any cash. He said he handed over $6000  to Carl when they got there, but as he remained in the car while the meeting took place, he was not sure what Carl had done with it thereafter.

“Carl put it in his pocket and went in to meet with who he was supposed to meet with, Paul Dale,” he said. The meeting lasted about 10 minutes before his son returned to the car and they left.

Mr Williams said while they did not discuss sensitive matters in the car because they feared it might have been bugged, they later spoke about what happened.

Dale, 43, has pleaded not guilty to 12 charges of lying to the Australian Crime Commission about his relationship with Williams.

He is alleged to have lied while he was being examined by the ACC in March 2007 and November 2008 by stating that his only contact with the gangland figure was in a professional capacity twice in 2003, in addition to the chance meeting.

He is accused of having an ongoing secret relationship with the underworld killer – who was murdered in jail in 2010 – which included Dale disclosing confidential police information for cash.

Mr Williams testified that on another occasion his son had met with Dale at Hillside before Carl and the policeman drove somewhere in Dale’s car before returning 1 1/2 hours later.

Mr Williams admitted to having a conviction for perjury, but said his son was more honest than him. He added that Carl had probably only lied, schemed, murdered and arranged for people to be murdered to protect himself.

The jury has heard that crucial to the prosecution case was a recorded conversation between Dale and Carl’s barrister Nicola Gobbo, with whom Dale has admitted to having an extramarital affair.

He is alleged to have told Ms Gobbo that Carl had made a very accurate statement to authorities in relation to the murders of police informer Terence Hodson and his wife.

The trial, before Justice Elizabeth Curtain, continues  – Andrea Petrie



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