CRIMINAL ‘FEARED DEATH’ – Wednesday March 6 2013

– A career criminal with links to some of the state’s most notorious figures feared he would be murdered by former detective Paul Dale, a court heard yesterday.
The allegation emerged on day four of the trial of Mr Dale, who is accused of lying to the Australian Crime Commission.
The court heard that criminal Mark Smith claimed he was going to be murdered by Mr Dale after being arrested with drugs and weapons on a highway near Wangaratta.
But Mr Dale denied wanting to harm Smith, and said the criminal had made up the allegation to justify the firearms. “ESD (police ethical standards department) seemed to accept criminals’ version of events over mine back then,” he said.
Earlier, the court heard that murdered police informer Terence Hodson gave up dozens of criminal associates and was given the green light to traffic ecstasy.
Mr Dale told the ACC hearing that Hodson was a key informer and cunning criminal with contacts throughout Melbourne’s underworld. His grassing has led to dozens of arrests.
Mr Dale told the ACC that Hodson had even informed on members of his own family and his wife, Christine, kept notes about the activities of criminals for police.
To protect his identity as an informer, Mr Dale said Hodson was allowed to continue trafficking in drugs.
Mr Dale said he visited the hodsons at their home, on one occasion giving him a bottle of whiskey after a successful operation. “He was right in the middle (of operations). He loved it. If he could have strapped a gun on and started running through the door, he would have,” he told the ACC.
Most people in the underworld thought Hodson was an informer, said Mr Dale.
The trial, before Justice Elizabeth Curtain, continues – Padraic Murphy


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