DID BARRISTER KNOW OF PLOT? – Friday March 8 2013

– An ex-detective was quizzed by the nation’ stop crime-fighting body about whether a high-profile criminal barrister had prior knowledge of a double murder, a jury heard yesterday.
Paul Dale, who has pleaded not guilty to lying to the Australian Crime Commission, was quizzed by it in 2008 about his relationship with barrister Nicola Gobbo and the murders of police informer Terence Hodson and his wife Christine.
A Supreme Court jury yesterday heard a recording of the ACC examination in which Mr Dale said he had had multiple affairs, including with Ms Gobbo.
Mr Dale also said he registered numerous phones in false names after his arrest for drug offences in 2003.
But Mr Dale said he did that so he could cheat on his wife with at least two other police officers and Ms Gobbo.
He said he registered the phones because he wanted to maintain privacy in his life.
He said he had many drunken escapades with Ms Gobbo and that he had sexual intercourse with Ms Gobbo, whom he said had also provided him with legal advice.
Mr Dale also denied being paid $10,000 to give a statement in support of Tommy Ivanovic, a small-time drug dealer and friend of Carl Williams,who was jailed in the early 2000s for killing a man in a road rage incident.
The allegation was put to Mr Dale during a 2008 ACC examination concerning the Hodson double murder.
Mr Dale said he met Williams through Ivanovic, and continued to visit Ivanovic after he had been jailed for the road-rage killing.
During the ACC examination, Mr Dale repeatedly said he did not recall incidents he was being asked about.
The trial, before Justice Elizabeth Curtain, is continuing – Padraic Murphy


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