SCREAMS ARE CLUE – Friday March 8 2013

– The family of a woman who died after plunging down a garbage disposal chute say more people may have heard her scream.
The body of Phoebe Handsjuk, 24, was found in the garbage compacting area of the Balencea apartment complex in St Kilda Road in December 2010.
The writer of an anonymous letter, sent to lawyers acting for the family in January, claimed to have heard a scream from a nearby lane.
Her family has contacted all residents in earshot and Ms Handsjuk’s grandfather, retired detective Lorne Campbell, said two more people had come forward saying they heard screams.
The family wants an inquest, but lawyers for Ms Handsjuk’s boyfriend, Antony Hampel, oppose it on the basis there is no evidence to suggest homicide.
The coroner has called for more information, including CCTV. Footage from the foyer is believed to be among the last images of Ms Handsjuk alive – Herald Sun


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