– Hilton Botha, the detective who bungled investigations into the case against sprinter Oscar Pistorius has quit the force, South African police say.
Mr Botha was one of the forces’s most experienced detectives, with a 22-year career. But during Mr Pistorius’ bail hearing last month over the Valentine’s Day killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, Mr Botha’s evidence was repeatedly picked apart by the defence.
He admitted in court the investigation could have been handled better, conceding he may have contaminated the crime scene and his team had failed to spot a bullet lodged in the toilet. It then emerged he was facing charges of attempted murder for shooting at a minibus in 2011. He was promptly replaced as the chief investigator in the Pistorius case by the country’s top detective.
Mr Botha told South Africa’s Jacaranda FM he had been looking for a better-paid job for a long time and had found one – The Age


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