MAN JAILED FOR GUN – Saturday March 9 2013

– A man who helped the notorious “Postcard Bandit” bank robber escape from a Queensland jail is going behind bars again, for tossing a loaded gun out of a moving car.
Brendan Berichon, 35, and three others were in a car heading to a house to beat up a man in a drug-related payback. Five people, including two children, were inside the house at Ringwood in Melbourne’s east at the time of the 2011 incident. But the cars were cornered Special Operations Group police metres from the house, prompting Berichon to throw a loaded .38 revolver out of the car window. Others in the car were armed with knuckledusters and a baseball bat was in the boot.
In the Victorian County Court on Friday Berichon was jailed for 5 1/2 years with a minimum of four years – The Age


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