WEB OF DECEIT – Sunday March 10 2013

– All Jette Jacobs wanted was a friend.
She helped out at Meals on Wheels and had worked at a nursing home, but after her second partner died she began living her life online.
Ms Jacobs thought she was helping a young man who needed money to raise his children and other malnourished children in Africa.
He sounded genuine, his story was believable and, as the days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months and months into years, Ms Jacobs was drawn deeper and deeper into a web of deceit.
Her son warned her that the man was a fake, and police tried, too.
But the lure of a new life, and a marriage proposal from an exotic African man was too strong.
A letter from police warning her that Jesse Omokoh, the man who professed to be her lover but was, in fact, a heartless fraud, came too late.
Now police in South Africa are investigating her murder in Johannesburg and her six children and 14 grandchildren are in mourning.
The web of lies that Omokoh constructed netted him in to $200,000, and Australian police have warned others may be caught in his scam.
Ms Jacobs’ first husband died in 2002, and her subsequent partner in 2009.
She filled her life with 10-pin bowling and her love of pet chickens in her home town of Wagin, 200 kilometres south of Perth, but it was not enough.
Ms Jacobs was vulnerable and the flattery of a young man she met online was too tempting to resist.
She flew to South Africa on November 22nd to meet Omokoh, whom she had paid $20,000 to fly him there from Nigeria so they could be together.
She was found dead in a rented villa in Johannesburg on February 9th.
Ms Jacobs had me to Omokoh on a trip in 2011 and had countless online chats with him, sending him money he claimed was aiding sick children.
Having spoken to police in Pretoria, Ms Jacobs’ daughter, Ms Jackson said it appeared her mother had been fed a fatal dose of tablets.
“Their theory is she was probably fed the tablets – there was an awful lot of tablets missing,” she said.
Ms Jacobs first had contact with another man, known only as Isaac, in Africa about four years ago and her daughter said Isaac had introduced her to Omokoh.
Pretoria police have spoken with him, but Ms Jackson, who travelled to South Africa to organise for the return of her mother’s body, said he had professed no knowledge of the death.
When police discovered Ms Jacobs’ body, her money, credit cards, jewellery, a laptop computer and other personal items were missing from the villa. Ms Jacobs is understood to have sent Omokoh, who may be using an alias, about $20,000 for a visa and flights from Nigeria to South Africa
-Mark Dunn


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