WITNESSES TOO SCARED – Tuesday March 12 2013

– A distraught father is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of men he believes murdered his son.
Daniel Sheehy, 18, died in a fire in his Melton South home a year ago on Thursday.
His father, Damien, tried desperately to drag his son out of his bedroom before the inferno forced him to let go of his hand and the door swung shut.
Homicide Squad detectives initially took control of the case, but it was handed back to the Arson Squad when the blaze was deemed non-suspicious.
The coroner is yet to make a finding on the death.
Mr Sheehy refuses to believe the fire that destroyed his home and killed his son was not deliberately lit.
The 49-year-old believes Daniel was the target of a gang-related hit after weeks of torment leading up to his death.
“It was gang-related, but Daniel was not linked to a gang. On the night he passed away he was receiving messages two hours prior saying he was going to die that night,” he said.
The devastated dad claimed people know the truth about Daniel’s death, but were too scared to come forward.
Mr Sheehy claims Daniel’s 13-year-old brother, who was in the house went it went up in flames, was threatened at gunpoint two days after his brother died.
Mr Sheehy acknowledged his son had struggled to get his life on the right path.
Mr Sheehy claimed his son came home on the night of his death only because people had threatened to run though the house and bash his younger brother – Wayne Flower


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