COURAGE FOR JILL – Wednesday March 13 2013

– Jill Meagher’s brave husband and parents stood firm yesterday as Adrian Ernest Bayley pleaded not guilty to her murder.
The emotional face-off came as it emerged Bayley had told police that people like him should face the death penalty.
Bayley will now stand trial, accused of murdering Ms Meagher in a Brunswick lane on September 22nd last year.
Today, the Herald Sun showed chilling video of what appears to be the accused man sprinting towards Ms Meagher in her final minutes.
Bayley yesterday pleaded guilty to one count of rape, but faces trial over another two rape counts and murder.
Tom Meagher emerged, distressed, from Court 13 at Melbourne Magistrates Court during the morning session, but returned. Bayley’s not guilty pleas prompted him to walk out.
He was flanked by family and friends, including his wife’s parents, George and Edith McKeon, and brother Michael.
According to a record of Bayley’s police interview, released at the end of the committal hearing, he told detectives he had to take responsibility.
“I hope they bring back the death penalty before I get sentenced,” he said.
“I’ve done, I’ve already done it. I can’t, I can’t do that again, for what, 20 years, 25 years?”
“Nah, it’s no life, man. They should have the death penalty for people like me anyway,” Bayley said.
But she “flipped me off and that made me angry”.
Bayley told police Ms Meagher called her brother as they walked and told him about her father, who had been sick.
“I was trying to be nice and she kept going from being nice to nasty to nice,” he told police. “And it just ended up in the alley. There’s no excuses for this.”
New video footage shows Ms Meagher walking gingerly along Sydney Road, Brunswick, after enjoying a night out with colleagues.
Dressed in a waist-length black jacket, skirt and high-heels, Ms Meagher appears to be on her mobile phone.
Moments after she walks from view, a hooded man, believed to be Bayley, is seen sprinting along Sydney Road in her direction.
He catches up with her outside the Duchess Boutique.
Yesterday, a packed court heard accounts of Ms Meagher’s final moments.
Witness Yuxiang He, who lives near the Hope Street lane where Ms Meagher was slain, told the court he heard a woman repeatedly yell “Get out of there” in a sharp, loud voice. He said the woman sounded drunk and may have sworn, but the voice could have been from an argument in another building.
Bayley, dressed in black, sat in the dock behind protective glass.
The court heard he accosted Ms Meagher and dragged her into a laneway, where he raped and strangled her.
Chief Crown prosecutor Gavin Silbert, SC, said Bayley killed Ms Meagher as she was the only witness to the crime.
Mr Silbert said Bayley left Ms Meagher’s body in the lane and went home, where he collected a shovel.
He returned in his car about 4:20am.
He put Ms Meagher’s body in the boot, drove to Blackhill Road, Gisborne South, and buried her, the court was told.
The court heard Ms Meagher was strangled with sustained force.
Pathologist Dr Matthew Lynch said he discovered haemorrhages and bruising to the neck and fractures to the larynx.
A trial date is yet to be set – Paul Anderson, Anthony Dowsley & Wayne Flower


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