COPS PRESSED ME – JURRAH WITNESS – Thursday March 14 2013

– A Crown witness at the assault trial of Liam Jurrah said yesterday police had pressured him into falsely incriminating the former AFL player.
Jurrah is on trial in the Northern Territory Supreme Court for seriously injuring his cousin, Basil Jurrah, in a fight at the Little Sisters town camp near Alice Springs on March 7th last year.
Bruno Wilson yesterday told the court Liam Jurrah had not been carrying a weapon and had not struck Basil Jurrah.
Prosecutor Stephen Robson then asked why he had contradicted his statement to police last July.
“It (the statement) is not true,” Mr Wilson said.
“I was under pressure from the detectives.”
“I am suggesting you are lying now,” Mr Robson said.
“I am not,” Mr Wilson replied.
Mr Wilson, who was in jail on an unrelated matter when questioned by police, told John Tippett, QC, for Jurrah, that he felt he would be locked up for longer if he did not tell the police what they wanted to hear.
Mr Wilson agreed with Mr Tippett that detectives had asked him the same questions about Jurrah over and over again, and stopped asking only when he gave them an answer they liked.
In his police statement, Mr Wilson said he saw the former footballer strike Basil Jurrah three times with a nulla nulla, a type of traditional Aboriginal club.
But he told the court police had also pressured him to say other things, including that a woman had twice struck Basil Jurrah.
Mr Wilson said he had suffered anxiety attacks since making the statement to police.
Outside court, during a morning break in proceedings, there was a fist fight between two men.
And in a lunch break, police had to stand between rival groups who were arguing outside court.
Jurrah has pleaded not guilty to seriously injuring Basil Jurrah.
In earlier evidence Ingrid White, who on Tuesday said that Jurrah had struck her on the head with a nulla nulla, said during cross-examination that she believed the blow had been accidental, and had occurred when she came between the former Melbourne footballer and another man, who were fighting.
The trial, before Chief Justice Trevor Riley, continues – AAP


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