HOW THEY GOT HIM – Thursday March 14 2013

– Hi-tech police work, including mobile phone tracking and tollway data analysis, provided the crucial breakthrough in the hunt for Jill Meagher’s attacker.
Court documents reveal homicide detectives identified Adrian Ernest Bayley as their prime suspect by tracking the movements of Ms Meagher’s phone after she disappeared.
After establishing the phone had travelled through a CityLink gantry, the details of all vehicles in the video frame were examined.
The dominoes then fell, leading police to Bayley in a CSI-style investigation. Police checked the movements of his phone during the same hours.
“The data for the mobile phones of the accused (Bayley) and deceased (Ms Meagher) mirrored each other, moving for the Brunswick area, along CityLink and Calder Freeway to the Sunbury area,” a police document said.
Court documents have also revealed:
– Heartbreaking images, including Jill’s discarded handbag and an ABC pencil.
– Jill had planned to buy a house and start a family with husband Tom.
– Bayley enjoyed kebabs and movies with his de facto partner in the afternoon after the attack.
Bayley, 41, had pleaded guilty to a single count of rape. He has pleaded not guilty to murder and two charges of rape – Paul Anderson


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