GO TO HELL – Friday October 11 2013

– Hells Angels bosses have been arrested and gang strongholds broken during an unprecedented police blitz.
Starting before dawn yesterday, more than 700 officers bent on unearthing military-style weapons used in a recent spate of shootings swooped on 60 Angels homes and properties across Victoria.
Among those taken into custody were veteran Angels Stephen “Stiffy” Rogers and Peter “Skitzo” Hewat, two of the gang’s most powerful figures. Heavy gates were torn off gang clubhouses at Fairfield and Thomastown as heavily armed officers moved in.
Search warrants were also executed at the bikie gang’s headquarters in Seaford, Campbellfield and St Albans.
Police believe Hells Angels are behind attacks on properties linked to members of rival outlaw bikie gang the Comancheros, including their president, Mick Murray.
The primary aim of the warrants – to find the AK-47 and an M1 carbine used – had so far proved unsuccessful.
But the raids were also calculated to disrupt the Angels and their associates, and create pressure to end the shootings.
Four guns, a sword and crossbow were seized in the raids, which were dubbed Operation Redefine.
Enough ammunition to require the use of a trailer was confiscated in one raid.
Thirteen people were arrested, among them Hewat, who was escorted from his house at Mickleham and driven to St Kilda Road crime department headquarters.
He was remanded in custody last night after being charged with offences relating to weapons, drug possession and vehicle theft.
Hewat, 59, was also charged with using threatening words in a public place after allegedly telling arresting officers: “I believe families are now on the line and fair go.”
Police have alleged they found flick-knives, cannabis seeds, steroids, stolen car parts, $47,000 cash and ammunition at his properties.
Rogers, who owns a trucking firm, was arrested and taken away from his Kew home in handcuffs.
Among others who came nude scrutiny were younger Angels, one of whom is believed to be a suspect in the shooting of Bandido strongman Toby Mitchell at Melton in March.
Acting Deputy Commissioner Steve Fontana said the operation, which began at 5am, was high-risk. “We’ve been working on this for awhile.”
Police sources said some of the Angels had known what to expect after the brazen violence of recent weeks.
A 27-year-old Campbellfield man was charged with possessing a drug of dependence as part of Redefine.
Already in custody was Frankston man Dennis Basic, who was charged with firearm offences and manufacturing an explosive device in the wake of the Comanchero shootings. It has emerged he is the same man who was accused in 2009 of being hired by a Swedish model, Charlotte Lindstrom, to murder prosecution witnesses in a drug case against her boyfriend.
Mr Basic and another Melbourne man were acquitted.
Premier Dennis Napthine congratulated police on taking appropriate action against criminal outlaw bikie gangs and pledged his support into the future – Mark Buttler, Anthony Dowsley, Jon Kaila and Andy Burns


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