– Every one of the 280 unsolved murders on the Homicide Squad’s books since 1950 will eventually be reviewed.
For operational reasons, Cold Case Squad head Ron Iddles yesterday wouldn’t reveal details of the 25 unsolved homicides currently being reviewed, and which had been escalated into full investigations.
But he did reveal details of several cases he and his detectives were looking at, or would look at, including:
Mr Cooper was shot three times as he and his girlfriend tried to drive out of a “lover’s lane” at Ricketts Point, Beaumaris, to escape a man who smashed their window as they were parked.
Senior Sergeant Iddles said the 1980 case had been examined again, and a strong suspect had been identified.
That suspect was interviewed soon after, but had an alibi.
“Believing that the tyranny of time might have changed things, we revisited the female who provided him with an alibi,” Senior Sergeant Iddles said.
“Unfortunately, we discovered she is still friendly with the suspect. But we will keep pursuing him.”
The naked body of Gina Rossato, 48, of Thornbury, was found on August 16th, 1982, in a ravine near Pascoe Vale Road, Somerton.
Her throat had been cut.
Senior Sergeant Iddles said the Rossato murder was a high priority for the Cold Case Squad as there was a strong suspect and it was considered highly solvable.
The skull of schoolgirl Denise McGregor was so severely smashed a pathologist described the injuries as being similar to those suffered by plane crash victims.
Denise, 12, was left lying face down in long grass by the side of a lonely Wallan East road in 1978.
She was abducted as she was returning home from running errands to a local milk bar.
Senior Sergeant Iddles said he had spoken last week to the original detective involved in the McGregor case, as there were new leads to chase.
The semi-naked body of nightclub singer Ms Kipouridou, 26, was found in the half-opened lift of her Richmond Housing Commission block in 1981.
She had choked to death on her own blood.
Senior Sergeant Iddles is confident she was attacked and raped by Barry Harding, who has since died in a car accident.
Senior Sergeant Iddles has been investigating new leads in the disappearance and suspected murder of Maryborough schoolboy Terry Floyd since 1999 – and he is still doing it.
He was given new evidence just this month that implicated a paedophile in the 1975 disappearance of Terry,12.
The Herald Sun revealed in 2010 that new evidence implicated paedophile Raymond Kenneth Jones, 60, in Terry’s abduction and murder.
Senior Sergeant Iddles still considers Jones to be the prime suspect and will be checking to see if the nominated paedophile has any connections to Terry.
Jones has told the Herald Sun he wasn’t involved in Terry’s disappearance.
The naked, bashed and strangled body of the factory worker and single mother of two was found in the bedroom of her Geelong West home on March 18th, 1992. 12 days before her 30th birthday.
Senior Sergeant Iddles said the Cold Case Unit had revisited the case twice and was continuing to pursue a strong suspect – Keith Moor


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