VAMPIRE CASE TWIST – Wednesday March 20 2013

– A brief of evidence against a former Victorian detective and a then-serving colleague implicated in the murder of a self-confessed vampire was sent to the Office of Public Prosecutions in 2007 to consider if they could be charged.
A veteran homicide detective confirmed in evidence on Tuesday a brief against former Detective David Waters and then Detective Peter Lalor went to the OPP for an opinion.
Detective Senior Sergeant Ron Iddles agreed under cross-examination in Melbourne Magistrates Court he made a note at the time about it and testified both men were definitely included in a brief along with possibly others.
Mr Waters and Mr Lalor have not been charged and have strongly denied any involvement in the murder of male prostitute Shane Chartres-Abbott in 2003 while he was on trial for the rape and mutilation of a female client.
A triple murderer turned key Crown witness has this week implicated them and two others charged with the murder – Evanglos Goussis and a second defendant who cannot be named.
Detective Iddles told Mr Goussis’ barrister, John Saunders, the witness was not an easy person to deal with.
Questioned about his diary notes, Detective Iddles said the witness would promise to “tell the whole story” and then delay because “my head’s not right”.
The hearing continues – Steve Butcher


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