CREEP WARNING – Wednesday March 20 2013

– A sex predator has conned primary school-aged girls into sending naked photos of themselves online.
Police are now warning school communities about the man and his sick scheme.
The offender tricked at least four grade 4 girls from a school in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs into sending the naked pictures, according to a police warning.
The offender, who posed as a 12-year-old boy, later sent the pupils an image of a man performing a lewd act.
The scheme was discovered only when a suspicious mother caught her daughter photographing herself naked using a device with an internet connection.
It is among an alarming number of similar incidents involving young children.
The police alert states the predator befriended the girls via the Kik Messenger smartphone platform – contacting them before they even sent a message.
He made flattering remarks such as how cute they were before requesting an image in such a way they believed it was their choice.
The requests were then for naked images.
Detective Senior Sergeant Rob Ridley, of the Astraea Online Child Exploitation Taskforce, said there had been dozens of similar incidents across Melbourne in the past year.
Most involved children aged between 9 and 13.
It was believed multiple men were responsible.
They aimed to use the naked photos for blackmail.
Schools in the Booroondara Council area have been sent the police alert for distribution to families.
Leading Senior Constable Brett Phillips, a youth resource officer, reminded parents to monitor their child’s use of all internet devices – to just computers.
Those with a camera, such as iPads, iPods and phones, were of particular concern – Wes Hosking


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