GOBBO UNDER ATTACK – Thursday March 21 2013

– A barrister who secretly taped a conversation with a former detective was the “baroness of treachery”, a jury heard yesterday.
Former detective Paul Dale is on trial in the Supreme Court, accused of lying to the Australian Crime Commission about his relationship with the late underworld murderer Carl Williams.
The Crown case partly relies on a recording secretly made by barrister Nicola Gobbo in 2008, in which Mr Dale allegedly admitted a clandestine relationship with Williams.
Yesterday, Geoffrey Steward, for Mr Dale, launched a stinging attack on Ms Gobbo, describing her as “an excuse for a lawyer”.
He said she was a former lover, friend and confidante of Mr Dale’s.
He said the prosecution was extraordinarily unfair; Mr Dale’s cultivation of Williams as a criminal informer should have been commended.
“He might even get a pat on the back from his superiors – ‘Good detective work, Paul’,” Mr Steward said.
He said the prosecution also relied on the evidence of criminals, none of whom could be trusted.
“(They are) a quartet of individuals who personify deceit, deception, treachery, manipulation, self-interest and abhorrent character traits,” Mr Steward said.
He said prosecutors had done deals with killers and drug dealers in exchange for statements against Mr Dale.
“Offers are made to pay (Carl Williams’ father) George Williams’ tax bill of $750,000, educate (Carl Williams’ daughter) Dakota.
“Make a statement and support Carl Williams, so that his 35-year jail term might be reduced. Dates when a reward for $1 million was offered. Dates when he was offered immunity,” Mr Steward said.
One key witness, called Witness B, also agreed to give a statement just weeks before he was sentenced for murder.
“Six or seven weeks before his murder plea, he’s taken to make a secret statement, makes a lot of statements against people, one of whom is Paul Dale…But he’s told you – he’s told you, albeit, reluctantly – that he’d previously lied on his oath…Another perjurer.”
The trial, before Justice Elizabeth Curtain, is continuing – Padraic Murphy


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