ALIBI QUERY A KEY TO KILLER – Friday March 22 2013

– Having initially nabbed the wrong man for the 2002 bashing murder of security guard Slawomir Tomczyk, police are now confident they are closing in on the right one.
Peter Samuel Smith spent 11 months on remand before being exonerated by the Homicide Squad detective who’d charged him.
That detective, Ron Iddles, is now heading the Cold Case Squad looking at the case afresh.
Detective Senior Sergeant Iddles said yesterday charging the wrong man four months after the murder had made him more determined than ever to catch the real killer.
Mr Tomczyk, 44, was attacked outside the Casablanca Reception Centre in Cranbourne on February 21st, 2002.
He had parked his marked security van in the centre’s driveway shortly before 10pm, checked the external doors, and returned to his van to discover a tyre had been deliberately punctured.
He phoned to report this to his boss, who became concerned soon after midnight when Mr Tomczyk failed to arrive at another premises.
On arriving at the centre, he found Mr Tomczyk’s bound and beaten body at the rear of the premises.
Police recently discovered new evidence that puts a suspect firmly in their sights.
“I am particularly interested in a person who was nominated very early in the investigation,” Detective Senior Sergeant Iddles said.
“On the morning after the murder…someone rang Cranbourne police station at 8am and named the person responsible and explained why the murder happened. The person the caller nominated was spoken to…and was eliminated predominantly on the basis that his partner gave him an alibi.
“We can now show that that alibi is not as strong and I believe that the person…is responsible for the murder.”
Detective Senior Sergeant Iddles yesterday appealed for the anonymous caller to contact Crime Stoppers, saying doing so could lead to charges.
Mr Smith was charged after a used car salesman told police he heard Mr Smith and two other men taking about the Tomczyk murder.
The salesman said he heard one of the men say: “This will show them we mean business. We bashed him with a bar. You could hardly recognise his face. We don’t muck around.”
He said he also heard the men say the victim “had it coming”‘ and that one man had asked one of the others: “Have you got the bar in the car? We have to get rid of it”, and the man then retrieved an iron bar or car jack handle from the rear of the van.
Detective Senior Sergeant Iddles said he believed the salesman did overhear three men discussing the murder, but had been mistaken in identifying mr Smith as one of them.
But the new suspect was probably one of the three men, he said.
Mr Tomczyk, who was born in Poland, was single and lived in Homestead Road, Berwick.
He was a jeweller by trade, but due to a downturn in the industry he had taken a job as a mobile security guard for PSE Security Services – Keith Moor


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