HAS SALLY STARTED A NEW LIFE? – Thursday March 21 2013

– A young woman who vanished from her home early one morning five years ago had been living in fear that a man she knew was going to shoot her.
Police yesterday revealed Sze Wan Sally Cheong expressed fears for her life in an email she sent to the male friend, shortly before she disappeared.
“I think I know what u r doing. Im afraid u gun me down, or get angry,” she wrote to him on March 3rd, 2008.
Sally disappeared from her home in Oakleigh South, in the early hours of April 2nd, 2008, just before her 23rd birthday.
Extensive inquiries have failed to find any trace of her or her body.
A recent fresh look at the case by the homicide Squad’s Cold Case Unit has cleared the man she’d feared would shoot her.
Detective Senior Sergeant Ron Iddles said yesterday every other person of interest in the case had also been exonerated over the past six months.
“We are back to square one and really need help from the public to advance this any further,” he told the Herald Sun.
“Somebody must know where she is or what happened to her, and I am appealing for them to come forward,” he said.
“We have spoken to Sally’s ex-boyfriends.
“We have looked at the person she emailed to express concern for her safety, who is one of the three men who were in her life for a period of time. They all have alibis and we have gone to the further extent that all have taken a polygraph lie detector test and they all passed,” he said.
“We are satisfied they had no involvement whatsoever in Sally’s disappearance.”
Senior Sergeant Iddles said there was not enough evidence to say whether Sally was murdered, had an accident, committed suicide, or just disappeared to start a new life somewhere.
He said: “There are two main possibilities: she has left with somebody she knew and for whatever reason something has happened to her and she has been unable to return; or, for some reason, she’s decided she wants to walk away from her family.
“There was some suggestion she may have got another passport when she was overseas, but we can’t substantiate that.
“There are some people who say she didn’t like working in her parents’ factory,that she found it onerous,” Detective Senior Sergeant Iddles said.
“What I want to say to Sally, If she is out there, is that there is no offence in moving away from your family and if that is what she has done, then to at least contact police to verify that she is actually all right.”
Sally’s younger sister, Helen, 26, said yesterday she and her family lived in hope Sally would come home.
“My parents sometimes still speak about Sally as if she ran away,” she said.
“I am leaning towards that she has probably run away, mainly because she brought with her the little blanket that she had since childhood. And if something bad happened to her it would be strange for her to bring that with her.
“I think there is someone out there who helped her if she did run away.
“If Sally reads this, I would appeal to her to make contact with police or a family member so we know she is all right.”
Ms Cheong said Sally had come back to Melbourne in early 2008 after spending a year in china studying, and had spoken about wanting more freedom.
“It was the first time she said anything about freedom. That suggests that something was a bit off.”
Ms Cheong said the disappearance of Sally shattered their mother Kim, father Wa Chong, and the couple’s three other children, Anna, Wendy and Andrew – Keith Moor


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