TEENS MURDERED – Friday March 22 2013

– The detective who led the investigation of the disappearance of two Bendigo teenagers said the case should have ended with a murder charge. As the four-day inquest closed on Thursday, Detective Sergeant Brendon Murphy was asked whether there was any other explanation than the suspicion Stan Braddy killed his daughter Maureen Braddy and Allan Whyte in 1968. “None at all,” he said. He said the investigation had worked towards a case to have Stan Braddy charged, but there was no precise evidence to point to how the teenagers died.
Detective Sergeant Murphy told the inquest there were concerns police weren’t motivated to investigate when the teenagers were first reported missing in November 1968.
Former Bendigo Detective Sergeant Mark McClure told the inquest the early part of the investigation was not thorough. Quizzed over resources of the investigation Mr McClure said there were budget restrictions in all avenues of inquiries.
“The failure of the police department to allocate resources to the investigation is of great concern,” he said. That included any plans to dig up an old well at the Braddy family home, which has been suspected to be a burial site.
There were allegations on Thursday that Maureen and Allan were still alive. Detective Sergeant Murphy said there was a complete lack of credible evidence they were still alive.
Deputy State coroner Iain West will deliver a report on May 15th – Josh Fagan


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