– A jury will evaluate the evidence of a notorious Victorian career criminal – dismissed as Australia’s most unreliable Crown witness – who has implicated two men charged with the murder of vampire male prostitute Shane Chartres-Abbott.
The witness, a prisoner guilty of three murders – including being the shooter of Mr Chartres-Abbott – has also implicated in the crime two former policemen, who have strongly denied any involvement.
Mr Chartres-Abbott was on trial in 2003 for the rape and mutilation of a woman called Penny when he was killed.
Melbourne Magistrates Court heard this week there was insufficient evidence to charge the former detectives, David Waters and Peter Lalor.
Magistrate Peter Mealy on Thursday found there was sufficient evidence to order Evangelos Goussis and a co-accused, who cannot be identified, to stand trial.
Both men pleaded not guilty, with Mr Goussis, the shooter’s alleged accomplice, declaring: “I emphatically plead not guilty.”
The co-accused’ barrister, James McQuillan, in a submission for his client to be discharged, said the prosecution case was based primarily on the witness’ words.
Mr McQuillan said of him: “If ever there was an unreliable witness in this state or in this country it is [him].” He said the evidence of two other witnesses were almost purely heresay and that of the main witness was replete with inconsistencies and lies.
Prosecutor Andrew Tinney, SC, responded that taking the Crown case at its highest a jury could act on the witness’ evidence so a conviction was inevitable.
Mr Tinney denied the case was based exclusively on the witness, submitting a jury could be satisfied Mark Perry – the fugitive former boyfriend of Penny – instigated the murder. There was substantial contact between Perry and the co-accused, who had close contact with the witness in the days before and after the murder.
Mr Mealy said a jury may consider the witness’ evidence unreliable on its own but other circumstantial evidence might help corroborate his version, which was the foundation of the case.
It was for a jury to determine the validity of the witness’ evidence, he concluded. Both men were remanded to appear in the Supreme Court next month – Steve Butcher


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