BLITZ ON RATS IN THE RANKS – Wednesday March 27 2013

– Chief Commissioner Ken Lay has launched an unprecedented blitz on rats in the ranks as outlaw motorcycle gangs cultivate close links with police, potentially compromising high-level investigations.
The crackdown follows revelations that:
– Some front-line police are suspected of using bodybuilding steroids supplied by bikie gangs.
– Police are exposing themselves to the threat of blackmail by accepting free admission to strip clubs linked to organised crime identities.
– Police have thwarted an attempt to infiltrate the anti-outlaw-bikie Echo Taskforce.
Mr Lay said: “We have really good intelligence that draws strong links between a small number of our people with outlaw motorcycle members, amphetamines and performance-enhancing drugs. This is a real high risk for us.”
He has ordered the anti-corruption Professional Standards Command to set up Taskforce Eagle – a probe into suspicious links between bikies and police. The taskforce is already investigating at least seven cases connected to gyms, tattoo parlours, licensed premises and secondary employment.
The Chief Commissioner wants tougher drug testing, including hair analysis, of suspect officers.
Police believe several officers have been tipping off bikies about secret law-enforcement operations – with the latest case just weeks ago when Bandidos enforcer Toby Mitchell was allegedly told of a pending raid. And a policeman who had made repeated inquiries into the activities of the anti-bike Echo Taskforce chose to resign after his close links to Comanchero president Amad “Jay” Malkoun were exposed.
Mr Lay said accepting free entry to bikie-controlled strip clubs could compromise police.
One of the largest strip clubs offering free entry to police is Spearmint Rhino, which is linked to Mr Malkoun.
Last month six police were investigated for using police badges to gain entry to a strip club. Four were admonished, one resigned and the other was suspended as part of a broader investigation.
Assistant Commissioner (Professional Standards Command) Emmett Dunne said investigators would regularly check strip clubs’ CCTV records to try to identify police patrons.
Police are also seeking legal advice to determine if such free-entry offers breach touting laws.
Mr Lay has also ordered a new investigation by Taskforce Razon into hidden links between bikies, licensed premises and the nightclub security industry.
Internal police investigations have identified several front-line police units susceptible to abuse of performance-enhancing drugs.
He said recent investigations by the Echo Taskforce had found links between bikies and police.
Senior police are concerned that younger officers are getting tattoos at bikie-controlled parlours.
He said police had tightened recruiting procedures to identify applicants who had relationships that could be potentially compromising – John Silvester


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