FAMILY DEATH PUZZLES – Wednesday March 27 2013

– Two of the most unusual unsolved murders on Victoria Police Homicide Squad books are those of Vincenzo and Alfonso Muratore.
What is unusual is that the father and son were murdered in similar circumstances 28 years apart.
Both died after being blasted by a shotgun as they left their Hampton homes in the early hours.
Both worked in the Melbourne wholesale fruit and vegetable market and both were embroiled in Calabrian Mafia affairs.
Muratore Senior was deputy leader of the Melbourne Calabrian Mafia cell. More than two decades later, Muratore Junior was sounded out by dying Godfather Liborio Benvenuto about his readiness to take over as boss of the same cell.
Two men were charged and acquitted over the murder of Vincenzo Muratore, meaning his murder is still classed as unsolved.
Nobody has been charged over the murder of Alfonso.
Just as the killing of Vincenzo Muratore, 42, in 1964 shone a spotlight on illegality at the Victoria Market, the execution of Alfonso Muratore in 1992 again lifted the lid on extortion and other rackets at the wholesale market’s new base in Footscray Road.
What is not entirely clear is whether Alfonso (known to many as Fonse) Muratore, 39, was killed:
a) Because he was attempting to expose a Mafia-run, 50-cents-a-case extortion racket worth millions of dollars a year.
b) Because he left his Calabrian wife for good-looking Aussie aerobics instructor Karen Mansfield.
c) A mix of a and b.
The 50-cent racket basically meant Victorians were buying fruit and vegetables at artificially inflated prices – effectively a tax imposed by the Calabrian Mafia – and had been for years – Keith Moor


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