TOMAHAWK STANDOFF – Wednesday March 27 2013

– A woman was found dead after police were called to a neighbourhood dispute involving a man allegedly wielding a tomahawk yesterday morning.
Police said three neighbours suffered minor injuries from the confrontation in Felstead Avenue, Sunshine West, before the alleged offender barricaded himself inside his home 30 metres away in Roberts Crescent at 7:25am.
The critical incident Response Team was called when the suspect became violent and threatening towards officers.
Neighbours said he was shot with bean-bag rounds and arrested after a two-hour standoff.
When officers searched his home they made the grim discovery of a woman’s body in a bungalow at the rear of the property.
A close family friend said the arrested man was a 23-year-old and the dead woman was Athiel Manel, aged in her 50s.
Mrs Manel arrived in Victoria from Sudan in 2001, community leader Ayuen Autiak said.
Police said the man they arrested was under police guard in hospital and being interviewed by detectives.
Locals said the man had mental health issues and was a drug user.
Superintendent Glenn Weir said it was not known how long the woman had been dead.
“A full crime scene investigation has been undertaken and the Homicide Squad is in attendance and we’re working our way through the intricacies of the investigation,” he said.
Police believe three people from other houses had been involved in the dispute.
“The deceased woman had fairly significant trauma injuries to several parts of her body.” – Jon Kaila


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