– The Australian entertainer arrested in England on suspicion of sexual offences remained in hiding yesterday, apparently having moved out of his riverfront home in the country to a flat in London.
The 82-year-old star was interviewed for several hours on Friday by detectives from Operation Yewtree, which has so far arrested 11 men on suspicion for sex offences dating back as far as the 1960s.
The Australian was bailed to reappear in May. His arrest followed a lengthy interview he gave police under caution, with lawyers present, in November and a search of a Berkshire property five days earlier.
Yesterday the man’s British agent was still not taking calls. His wife and a man believed to be his son-in-law were at his Berkshire home, west of London, but neither would comment to the waiting media. The entertainer, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was said by friends to be fragile with shock over his interviews with police. He reportedly has been staying at a flat in the city in recent weeks.
Operation Yewtree was initiated last year after a flood of allegations against the late British TV entertainer, Jimmy Savile, who abused children and adults over five decades.
He was recently declared England’s most prolific sexual predator, after Yewtree officially recorded 214 offences, including 34 rapes, some involving boys and even terminally ill teenagers and others in psychiatric wards.
Savile died in October 2011, days before his 85th birthday – Charles Miranda


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