I’m starting to get very tired of hearing and seeing the tough stance on violence against women that the Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay is jumping up and down about. Since this new mantra of VicPol has made headlines, on a regular basis, news of quite the opposite keeps reaching me.

Lazy police officers conducting lazy inquiries resulting in minimal prosecutions. “We get 20 of these kind of calls each shift”, is the most common grumble of a copper attending domestic-related violence. Oh, really? Okay then, well just do what you have to do, to cover your ass as per the VicPol manual, and forget about it.

Jesus wept and my blood boils. Because this is exactly what happens in the real world, folks.

It would be refreshing to see him actually follow through, similar to what he’s done with his “war” against motorcycle clubs. Anti-association laws? Give me a fucking break. If any individual breaks the law, biker or not, then throw the book at them hard. But to declare war on people who choose to associate with each other, while ignoring the cowards who bash their women and children black and blue behind closed doors, is the most absurd notion of policing priorities, I’ve ever come across.

Commissioner Lay, the parasites who abuse their children and beat their women in the privacy of homes, is not only a more critical and urgent policing matter, but also a much more extreme and dangerous threat to the fabric of a healthy society.

Calm down with the “bikie” antics, admittedly, in part as a response to media scare tactics, and perhaps put the same energy into kicking down the doors of dysfunctional sociopaths who are brutally harming our most precious and vulnerable.


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