THEY WERE TOLD – Friday April 5 2013

– Authorities were warned that Adrian Bayley was a risk of attacking a woman before Jill Meagher was raped and killed.
The Herald Sun can reveal that months before the 29-year-old ABC employee was raped and strangled, Bayley’ s parents met authorities and pleaded with them over their grave concerns about his behaviour.
The tip-off led to a confrontation between Bayley and his family, with whom he had been living after a court appearance.
Bayley then left the family home early last year, and moved with his girlfriend to Coburg, only a kilometre away from where he attacked Ms Meagher just months later.
On September 22nd, at 1:30am, he would run to catch Ms Meagher as she walked along Sydney Road, and abduct and rape her in Hope Street, only hundreds of metres away from her Brunswick apartment.
Bayley is expected to plead guilty to Ms Meagher’s murder today.
Bayley’s family would not comment, saying they had no intention of speaking publicly about him.
After Bayley’s arrest, the Herald Sun revealed a government official had tipped him off as police hunted him for Ms Meagher’s murder.
The tip-off was investigated by police, who it is believed heard it on intercepted telephone calls.
No action was taken against the female official.
The Homicide Squad, the Office of Public Prosecutions and Bayley’s defence have been at odds after Bayley indicated months ago he wanted the murder charge downgraded to manslaughter.
Bayley entered a not guilty plea last month to murder and two counts of rape.
The Herald Sun understands the OPP would not consider a manslaughter plea, and Bayley’s Legal Aid lawyers have since indicated he will plead guilty today.
He has already pleaded guilty to a rape charge.
In March, a packed Melbourne Magistrates courtroom watched as Bayley, dressed in black, sat in the dock behind protecting glass while harrowing details of his alleged crimes were outlined.
The court heard Bayley accosted Ms Meagher and dragged her into a laneway at 1:38am on September 22nd, where he raped and then strangled her.
Chief Crown prosecutor Gavin Silbert, SC, alleged Bayley had killed Ms Meagher as she was the only witness to the crime.
Mr Silbert said Bayley left Ms Meagher’s body in the laneway and returned home, where he collected a shovel and returned in his car about 4:20am.
He then put Ms Meagher’s body in the boot and drove her to Blackhill Road, Gisborne South, where he buried her, the court was told.
After his arrest, Bayley made admissions to raping and strangling Ms Meagher, and directed police to the body, Mr Silbert said.
The court heard Ms Meagher was strangled with sustained force.
Pathologist Dr Matthew Lynch said Ms Meagher was found lying clothed and on her left side.
He said he discovered haemorrhages and bruising on her neck along with bleeding in her neck muscles and fractures to her larynx.
Bayley wept during an interview with police, during which he told homicide detectives he had to take responsibility and thought the death penalty should be reintroduced.
He also told police he never meant to hurt Ms Meagher and had only stopped to talk to her and help her because she looked lost.
But she “flipped me off and that made me angry”, Bayley said in the interview.
Ms Meagher’s husband, Tom, left the courtroom early in the proceedings – Anthony Dowsley


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