18 YEARS’ JAIL SHOCKS KILLER – Saturday April 6 2013

– A man who murdered his wife’s lover by hurling him head first to the ground appeared stunned yesterday as he was jailed for 18 years.
Mark Budimir was so shocked when told he would spend at least 16 years behind bars he had to be repeatedly asked to leave the dock.
But for victim Dino Moresco’s family, the penalty was too lenient.
Outside the Supreme Court, Mr Moresco’s mother sobbed as his cousin, Karen Branch, said the punishment was not enough.
Justice Geoffrey Nettle said Budimir was genuinely perplexed to have been found guilty of murder, believing his crime of passion had been to protect his family.
Budimir, 44, claimed he’d acted in self defence when he killed Mr Moresco, 34, at Brooklyn on October 30th, 2011.
The court heard the 188 centimetre man lifted the much smaller Mr Moresco to head height and threw him to the ground head first as hard as he could, in what he described as a power slam.
Budimir then put the body in a rubbish bin and set it alight.
The next day, the father of four told wife Jana he “got rid of Dino” to reunite their family.
He also called a Homicide Squad detective and said the death was not murder, maybe manslaughter or self defence, the court heard.
Budimir had previously confronted Mr Moresco with suspicions of an affair, once telling him: “When I decide to do something about this, it is going to make the front page of the newspaper.”
He had been on a suspended sentence for assaulting his wife when he confronted her about his suspicions.
The judge said Budimir’s mental state was affected by his wife’s infidelity, hindering his ability to think rationally and slightly reducing his culpability.
Outside court, Jana Budimir said: “It’s very surreal. Dino was a wonderful person with a great heart.” – Emily Portelli


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