BIKIE BUSTERS – Wednesday March 27 2013

– Victoria Police has declared a major blitz on outlaw bikie gangs.

The force today launches Taskforce Eagle to fight potential outlaw motorcycle gang infiltration into its ranks.

It come as Melbourne Comancheros president Amad “Jay” Malkoun denies infiltrating police or having inside knowledge of being the subject of probes.

“It’s nonsense. It’s not true,” Malkoun, a convicted drug trafficker, told the Herald Sun.

Malkoun said he had known three Victorian police officers – one serving and two ex-members – but they had become distant since the force’s declarable associations policy.

Malkoun rejected the claims of infiltration of police, made in reports in Fairfax Media, which also named Bandidos boss Toby Mitchell.

The Herald Sun was made aware of an investigation into Malkoun in late 2010, which went nowhere. Victoria Police offered no explanation when the investigation failed to deliver any results after more than a year.

Police will launch Taskforce Eagle to tackle potential outlaw motorcycle gang infiltration into its ranks.

“It is a significant concern to Victoria Police that OMCGs are seeking to corrupt police members,” a statement said. “This will not be tolerated.

“We have introduced a number of improvements aimed at safeguarding police members from the risk of corruption, and rooting it out where it exists.

“Central to this will be Taskforce Eagle, which has been set up within the Professional Standards Command (formerly Ethical Standards Department).

“OMCGs have a clear interest in cultivating police contacts so that they can be compromised and coerced into providing police information, and so we are sending a clear warning to police members that they need to be alive to the threats at all times, and complying with internal policies designed to protect them and the organisation.”

The taskforce launch comes as Victoria’s outlaw bikie numbers are exploding and gangs turn to prisons to recruit new members, while the threat of an all-out war looms.

There are now 1200 fully patched outlaw bikies within the state, as desperate efforts to quash a feared conflict continue under Victoria Police’s Operation Resound.

Police have vowed more raids on bikie interests and 25 warrants have been executed since March 6th after warnings a bikie war was about to erupt.

Echo Taskforce Detective Inspector Ian Campbell said police would continue their strategy to disrupt the gangs.

Bikie gangs are expanding into rural Victoria and almost half the state’s chapters are based outside the Melbourne metropolitan area – Anthony Dowsley


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