– I love my coffee. However, it’s without fuss and usually just incorporated into whatever is going on in my day. The Romans are he perfect example of a people where both coffee drinking and coffee making are considered an art form. But it’s all done without the carry-on. They indulge in their coffee on the move and is simply a part of their day.
Then there’s the “pumpkin latte-type”. These pretentious and arrogant dickheads are rife in the West and are the bane of my existence (well, one of them). You know the type? Standing behind them as they order is an experience. An unpleasant one. Some of the detailed specifications that are included and demands given to the barista are just pathetic. I’ve even witnessed such customers walk around the counter to actually instruct the barista on how to make it. Christ Almighty, get over yourselves. Yes, I see red. My blood boils.
And, Holy Mother of God, if they spill their pumpkin latte. Jesus Christ, aside from psychological meltdowns, crowds of ants start planning brunch and performing yoga.
In Rome? Never.


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