ACTOR GIBES IN SECRET TAPE – Thursday April 11 2013

– The FBI has been asked to investigate if a US senator’s campaign headquarters was bugged,after a recording surfaced in which his aides discussed the mental health of a potential opponent, actor Ashley Judd.
“Mother Jones” Magazine has published the recording of the February meeting in which US Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s aides discussed research into potential Democratic challengers.
Aides talked and laughed on the recording about Judd’s political positions, religious beliefs and past bouts of depression. She later decided not to run.
On the recording, an aide charges that Judd is “anti-sort-of-traditional American family” and plays a recording of the star talking about her religious beliefs. “…I have to expand my God concept from time to time, and you know particularly I enjoy native faith practices…I’d like to think I’m like St Francis in that way. Brother Donkey, Sister Bird,” the recording says.
Judd has been open about her bouts with depression. Her spokeswoman criticised the McConnell campaign for considering making it a campaign issue – Herald Sun


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