RACE RANT CHARGES – Thursday April 18 2013

– A woman has been charged over a late-night tirade on a train that saw outraged passengers unite against racism.
The incident, on a service to Craigieburn last Wednesday night, made national headlines after passengers showed their support for two fellow commuters who became the target of racist remarks.
Victoria Police spokeswoman Leonie Johnson said last night that police had arrested a woman at her South Melbourne home just after 4pm yesterday, and had released her on bail on multiple charges.
“We have charged a 37-year-old woman with two counts of obscene language in a public place and two counts of behaving in a riotous manner in a public place,” she said.
“She has been bailed by police to appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court on the 14th of May.
“The investigation is still ongoing.”
Ms Johnson said police wouldn’t release the woman’s name because she is yet to face court.
Detectives will examine footage of the drama as they continue their investigations.
One of the passengers, Mahmood Sereaph Reza, 27, who stood up against racial abuse directed against him and friend Michael Awan, said last high the bore the woman no ill-will.
Mr Reza hailed the national reaction to the disturbing incident.
Thousands of Victorians have shown their support for the pair since the Herald Sun published footage of the incident last week.
The mobile phone vision shows a woman yelling, “This is my fucking country,” among other racist taunts.
During the disturbing scene, Mr Reza responds by announcing to the carriage: “This is not the Australia that she represents. None of this shit should be remembered after this.”
Protective Services Officers interviewed a woman at North Melbourne Station following the incident, before releasing her.
Her companion, a 44-year-old Meadow Heights man, was searched and given a drug diversion notice after he was found to have illegal substances – Angus Thompson


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