ANGER BOILS BENEATH RESOLVE – Thursday April 18 2013

– Boston’s streets are gripped by anger and pride. But it’s mostly anger.
Jesse, a young bellboy at a hotel near the bombing, lowers his head and recalls a woman stumbling along the footpath, missing most of an arm. “It was unbelievable, like 9/11,” he says.
Veteran Boston firefighter Edward Kelly, whose men used their belts as tourniquets to save lives and limbs, is asked by the Herald Sun for his overriding emotion. He shoots back: “Anger. Anger because of that little boy, and the children who were killed or wounded yesterday. But certainly the resolve of this country, this city, this state and out way of life won’t be beaten by some cowardly act perpetrated by wackos.”
Boylston Street, near the financial district, looks like a scene from a film. Rubble remains strewn across it.
Yesterday the FBI found circuit boards and pressure cookers believed to have detonated the bombs, and fragments from black bags in which they were hidden.
Army trucks, armoured vans and police toting machine-guns guard the perimeter, and helicopters hover. The city’s airport remains on high alert.
And in the emergency wards, doctors work around the clock, amputating limbs and removing nails, ball bearings and shrapnel.
But there’s also a sense of pride shining through: that the city responded so quickly; that brave men and women ran directly into the devastation to help; that some runners continued on to hospital to donate blood.
“As an American, my heart is broken. As a Bostonian, my resolve has never been stronger.”
The face of the bombings is Martin Richard, 8, who was standing by the finish line with his family when he was killed. His sister has grievous leg injuries, and his mum has brain injuries and could lose an eye.
And his younger brother, Henry, saw it all.
On Tuesday night, thousands turned out for a candlelight vigil on their local baseball field – Michael Warner


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