– The Boston bomber – or bombers – may be trapped by their mobile phones.
Police and the FBI last night were closing in on two possible suspects.
One lone man, wearing a white or off-white baseball cap, was captured on CCTV footage by a camera at a department store near the marathon’s finishing line.
The vision captures him perhaps planting the second deadly bomb, as he talked on his phone.
The film obtained by the FBI – not yet released to the public – is said to show him using his phone at the moment the first explosion detonated 90 metres away on Boylston Street and 12 seconds before the second blast, close to where he was standing.
Law enforcement officials have been sharing pictures of two men they consider to be of high interest.
A circular designated for “law enforcement eyes only” was sent out yesterday and was said to include clear photos of the two men.
One is said to be wearing a backpack. At least one of the bombs was believed to have been in a black backpack. Other reports said one suspect could be seen running away, his trousers in shreds, as other people ran to help those on the ground.
Monday’s blasts killed three people and injured more than 180.
Investigators have been going through mobile phone logs to determine who made calls from that location near the time of the explosions. And the FBI is working with a list of names of phone owners and trying to match one to the man captured on the surveillance camera.
It also emerged that the force of the first blast was so strong it catapulted the lid of the pressure cooker on to the sixth-floor roof of the Charlesmark Hotel 30 metres away. It helped police identify it as a mid-size Fagor brand pressure cooker, at least 50,000 of which are sold each year.
Fagor America Inc. Said yesterday it had been “contacted by government investigators and are extending our full cooperation”.
It was a day of roller coaster emotions in the stunned city of Boston.
Early media reports said a suspect had been arrested and was about to appear in court, only for the FBI to issue an emphatic denial.
The speculation came ahead of a visit to the city by US President Barack Obama and wife Michelle.
The visit, overnight Melbourne time, would bring a message of “resolve”, said White House spokesman Jay Carney. They will take part in an interfaith service to remember the victims.
More than 100 victims had been released from Boston’s hospitals by late yesterday. At least 13 remained in a critical or serious condition.
The father of Martin Richard, 8, who died in the bombings, remained at the bedside of his wife, Denise, and daughter Jane, 6.
Other stories of heartbreak have emerged.
Newlyweds Patrick Downes, 29, and Jessica Kensky, 32, standing near the finish, both lost their left legs below the knee – Janet Fife-Yeomans


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