– Pressure cookers stuffed with explosives, nails and ball bearings, and concealed in black nylon backpacks, were used to kill and maim at the Boston Marathon.
Investigators combing through the grim aftermath of the deadly attack have found evidence that timing devices were used to detonate the bombs that ripped through race spectators.
Working with fragments painstakingly gathered at what is considered the city’s largest-ever crime scene, they also determined that the two bombs were probably fashioned from six-litre pressure cookers, filled with nails and small ball bearings, to increase the carnage.
Extra police patrols roamed eerily quiet streets yesterday, while other law enforcement officials started reviewing videos and photos – frame by frame – of one of the most photographed events in the world.
The FBI so far has collected 10 terabytes of CCTV, video and photos – the equivalent of 6000 movies – to review in their hunt for the bomber.
FBI bomb experts will try to rebuild the devices from fragments that include a circuit board that indicated the bombs were detonated on a timer, rather than remote control.
Horrified doctors yesterday told of treating some of the more than 180 injured, who were aged between two and 71, including nine children. Some had dozens of nails and metal fragments embedded in their bodies and 13 lost at least one limb.
Massachusetts General Hospital chief trauma surgeon George Velmahos said up to 40 nails or sharp objects were removed from some victims.
US President Barack Obama will attend a service in boston tomorrow to commemorate the three spectators killed – eight-year-old Martin Richard, restaurant manager Krystle Campbell, 29, and student Lu Lingzi, 23, from China.
The FBI vowed to “go to the ends of the earth” to find those responsible for “this despicable crime”.
Photographs of the twisted metal cookers and shredded black bags were released yesterday, as it emerged the Department of Homeland Security warned of the devices in 2010.
Authorities appeared to have no suspects yesterday after raiding the home of a Saudi student who they said was a witness, not a suspect.
About a 1000 people gathered at a vigil for Martin Richard yesterday and the Boston Red Sox dedicated their win against the Cleveland Indians to their city – Gemma Jones


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