– One of the suspects in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings was last night dead, with another on the loose in the suburbs after a firefight with police.
As chilling new images emerged of the likely perpetrators of the bombing – one showing a suspect pass within a few metres of Martin Richard, 8, who died in the blasts – police said one man had been killed in a shoot-out.
Police were searching a 20-block area in the suburb of Watertown for the second suspect.
Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said the man now known as Suspect Two – the man with the white baseball cap who dropped the bombs at the race finish line – is the person being sought by thousands of police.
Authorities shut down the city’s public transport network as the manhunt continued.
Police said that the man dubbed Suspect One by the FBI had been shot and wounded in a wild car chase, during which explosive devices were hurled at pursuing police vehicles.
He was declared dead on arrival at Boston Hospital. Doctors said he had multiple gunshot wounds and an injury consistent with an explosion.
The drama began when one suspect apparently robbed a 7-11 near the Massachussetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, across the Charles River from the scene of the marathon attack. Shortly after, a campus policeman was shot and killed at MIT.
Two men then carjacked a Mercedes SUV at gunpoint. The owner of that car was able to flee at a petrol station.
The SUV drove towards Watertown followed by a train of police vehicles in pursuit. The men opened fire and a police officer was shot and injured.
Two residents said they heard what sounded like firecrackers going off shortly before midnight. When they looked out their windows, they saw the two young men taking cover behind the black Mercedes, in a shootout with dozens of police.
Andrew Kitzenberg, 29, said he looked out his third-floor window to see the men engaged in constant gunfire with police officers.
A police SUV drove towards the shooters, he said, and was shot at until it was severely damaged. It rolled out of control, Mr Kitzenberg said, and crashed into two cars in his driveway.
He said the two shooters had a large, unwieldy bomb that looked like a pressure cooker.
“They lit it, still in the middle of gunfire, and threw it. But it went 20 yards at most.”
He said it exploded and one of the two men ran towards the gathered police officers. He was tackled, but it was not clear if he was shot, Mr Kitzenberg said.
At one stage, police demanded media and other observers shut off their mobile phones. Residents were receiving automated phone calls instructing them to remain in their homes – and not to open their doors.
At one street in Watertown, an officer bellowed to reporters: “Ya gotta get outta here. There’s an active shooter here with an active explosive. Go!”
Associated Press reported that the surviving Boston bombing suspect was identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Massachussetts .
Some US media were reporting that the suspects were brothers from a Russian region near Chechnya, and had lived in America for at least a year.
The first FBI pictures of the suspects were issued at about 5pm local time. All were fuzzy or grainy, but of sufficient quality for others who had been taking pictures before during and after the bombing on Monday to examine their own shots for better images.
The FBI continued to pump out a stream of new images of the suspects, some thought to have been volunteered by citizen photographers.
The new picture of Suspect Two walking past Martin Richard near a crowd-control barrier at the marathon finish was tweeted by Farhad Manjoo of “Slate”.
Harvard University and MIT were both closed after the shootings – Paul McGeough


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