– The Boston bombing suspects – one of whom was shot dead by police yesterday – are brothers from the Russian Republic of Chechnya, it was reported last night.
The survivor, who was still on the run last night, was being identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Massachusetts.
An army of police with machine guns had last night surrounded a building in suburban Watertown.
Police feared that the fugitive might be wearing an explosive suicide vest.
They earlier said they were hunting and armed and dangerous terrorist who has come here to kill people.
Yesterday’s drama began after one policeman was shot dead and another wounded.
Hundreds of police officers and FBI agents had sealed off 20 blocks and gone door to door in Watertown in the hunt for the “white cap” man seen in photos and CCTV footage.
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a second-year medical student on a scholarship, according to his father, Anzor, who lives in the Russian city of Makhachkala. “He is an intelligent boy,” he said.
He and his brother, 26-year-old Tamerlan, had been in the United States for about a decade and were permanent residents.
Tamerlan was reported arrested in July 2009, after assaulting his girlfriend.
He was an amateur boxer, listed as a competitor in a National Golden Gloves competition in 2009.
The brothers came from near Chechnya, where separatist wars morphed into Islamic insurgency whose followers want an independent Islamic state.
Militants have launched many terrorist attacks in Russia, including bombings in Moscow and other cities and deadly sieges that have killed hundreds of hostages, but have never carried out a terror attack on the West.
Terror came to Cambridge and Watertown when the two fugitives shot one policeman dead and seriously injured another.
The police officer had responded to a report of a disturbance at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology. A transit police officer was later seriously injured and was critically ill.
The duo staged a carjacking, freeing the driver unharmed, and threw explosives as they fled police.
Police were ordered to pull back, and were told not to use mobile phones in case they triggered any homemade bombs the men might have.
The suspects and police exchanged gunfire. The suspect who had been identified by the FBI in the photos and video footage as “Black Cap” was critically injured, and later died in hospital.
He was in cardiac arrest by the time he reached Beth Israel Medical Centre, under police guard.
Doctors laboured to save him without success.
He had multiple gunshot wounds and what appeared to be blast injuries, said Dr Richard Wolfe, chief of emergency medicine.
He wouldn’t say whether the man said anything.
In Watertown, one witness said he looked out of his third-floor window to see two young men hiding behind a black Mercedes SUV engaged in constant gunfire with police.
Local resident Peter Jennings, 33, said he was sleeping when he was awakened by a huge boom.
He said more than three dozen emergency vehicles, sirens blaring, went screaming past his street.
John Antonucci said his mother, 79, called him in hysterics from her home in Laurel Street, near the gunfight.
Adam Healy, 31, said: “I just heard tons of gunshots. Gunshot, gunshot, gunshot, gunshot. Then I saw an explosion and saw a rust of light in the sky.”
Imran Saif, a taxi driver, said he heard a series of loud noises like fireworks. People waved at him to run away saying it was gunfire.
The bedlam in Watertown was preceded by the break of violence in nearby cambridge, where the MIT police officer was shot multiple times by the fugitives, triggering a huge manhunt.
The wounded officer was taken to Massachussetts General Hospital,nowhere he was pronounced dead.
Last evening’s drama developed hours after an FBI briefing during which photos and video of the two suspects were released. They showed the brothers – the elder in a black cap and younger in a white cap – both carrying backpacks, walking in single file along Boylston Street towards the finishing line.
One out a bag down at the spot where the second of the two blasts went off, killing three people. Yesterday, 57 injured remained in the city’s hospitals, six of whom were in a critical condition – Janet Fife-Yeomans


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