STREETS OF FEAR – Saturday April 20 2013

– Boston was in lockdown last night, its people warned not to answer their doors and to stay out of sight, as the hunt for the Marathon bombers reached its height.
A police officer was shot dead, another was wounded, and one of the two fugitives was killed in a gunfight.
The police order means that roughly 900,000 people in the greater Boston area have been told to stay put.
Boston authorities closed the entire public transport system and ordered locals to stay home and stay away from their windows.
The order led to highway gridlock as locals did whatever they could to get out of the line of fire.
People in Western Boston and at least six neighbouring towns were told to stay home, and all buses and trains into the city were halted by order of the governor.
Shocked witnesses used their phones to record the moments gunfire and explosions rang out from the university campus at Watertown where one policeman was killed.
Social media went into overdrive as Boston residents and those glued around the world reported the chaos and drama of the manhunt by the second.
Many were even able to listen to police scanners links live as SWAT teams zeroed in on suspected sightings, ordering people out of cars.
But the hundreds of thousands listening shuddered when officers warned, just after 10:20pm (Melbourne time), that the remaining suspect was heavily armed and could be wearing a suicide vest.
Watertown resident Andrew Kitzenberg tweeted a frightening series of images of armed SWAT teams moving down his suburban street and reported shooting in his street seconds afterwards.
Boston Police Department’s Twitter feed formally identified Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, and released his photo, warning he was armed and dangerous.
Others hailed the use of social media in an extraordinary situation where residents would have otherwise been left in the dark – Aaron Langmaid


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