– The mother of murdered Glenroy schoolgirl Prue Bird has rejected an apology from Prue’s killer.
Triple killer Leslie Alfred Camilleri yesterday had the apology read out for him during his protracted plea hearing in the Supreme Court.
Outside court, Prue’s mum, Jenny Bird, said she did not accept the apology.
Ms Bird had just heard that Prue’s resting place was likely to never be known.
In May, Camilleri – who is serving life with no minimum term for the 1997 murders of raped Bega schoolgirls Lauren Barry and Nichole Collins – requested maps of a landfill area and marked a location with an “X”.
He nominated that spot as where he dumped Prue’s body 21 years ago. On August 6th, detectives took him to the area, but no remains were found.
Camilleri has pleaded guilty to murdering Prue, 13, claiming he suffocated her after abducting her on February 2nd, 1992.
Senior Detective Ben Wiseman told the court Camilleri had now “basically shut up shop” and was providing nothing further.
Asked outside court if she accepted Camilleri’s apology, Ms Bird said: “No. I’m always going to wonder if she’s in (that area) in Frankston tip. I’ll be left to wonder on that, won’t I, for the rest of my life? I’d love to dig (the tip area) myself.” – Paul Anderson


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