– Victoria’s prisons are on high alert for clashes between jailed gang members.
An estimated 125 outlaw bikies and their affiliates are in jail, and recruiting continues.
A former senior police detective has been appointed to head prison security to collate intelligence on the threat.
And the Justice Department has doubled its prison intelligence wing to 100 officers in a $10 million overhaul.
The ‘Herald Sun’ can reveal jailhouse bikies are now offering to protect prisoners’ families on the outside in return for their signing up.
The jail system’ stop intelligence and security officer says the outlaw motorcycle gangs are recruiting aggressively within prison walls.
Assistant Commissioner for Security and Intelligence Craig Howard said recruiting had extended to offers to look after a prisoner’s family or business during their sentence, including ensuring relationships with wives and girlfriends are survived.
The former Victoria Police detective said the gangs had lowered their recruiting standards in recent years, and in a departure from tradition, the “hot war” between some bikies on the outside did not end once they were in jail.
Bikie gangs are one of the groups to be scrutinised under an unprecedented intelligence drive by Corrections Victoria.
Officers from the military and law enforcement have been brought into its new unit in an attempt to gain greater knowledge of prison behaviour and possible future threats.
The murder of killer and state witness Carl Williams was a catalyst for the move.
Mr Howard said the system needed to better identify the shifting loyalties that doomed Williams. Avoiding a saturation of gang members in one area of a jail was an important means to this end.
Mr Howard said the Prisoners of War gang, which included Williams’s killer, was a significant factor inside.
He said the problem was more complex than separating prisoners. “It’s about understanding what associates Prisoner A might have to extend the threat to Prisoner B.” – Mark Buttler


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