– “We got him” – with that, authorities delivered on their promise to bring the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings, identified as young, radicalised, Chechen Americans, to swift justice.
With one brother dead and the other being treated for serious gunshot wounds, Boston was overcome with relief after four days that gripped the world.
The events began with Monday afternoon’s horrific twin pressure-cooker blasts during the marathon, and ended at 8:45pm on Friday, Boston time, as fugitive Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, was cornered inside a boat in a backyard.
After a two-hour standoff, he was rendered helpless by bullets and stun grenades by police, who had shut down the surrounding 20 blocks as SWAT squads went from house to house.
Boston Police chief Edward Davis said a man alerted officers after he saw blood on a boat in his backyard. “He opened the tarp, looked in and saw a man covered with blood,” Mr Davis said.
A helicopter fitted with an infrared camera told police Tsarnaev was moving around inside the boat, and they sent in a robot, which pulled back the tarp, and the SWAT team pulled him out. He was wounded in the leg and neck.
His brother, Tamerlan, 26, had been shot dead by police on Friday morning.
Images of the two, who proclaimed themselves as Muslim ethnic Chechens from southern Russia, were made public at 5pm on Thursday, when the FBI released stills and video of them carrying backpacks through the marathon crowd.
Just after 10pm, they allegedly attempted to rob a 7-Eleven store near the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT police officer, Sean Collier, 26, investigated and was shot dead inside his vehicle.
The brothers then allegedly carjacked a Mercedes SUV and kept the occupant hostage for several hours before releasing him.
Bostonians we warned to stay in their homes and not answer their doors.
On Friday morning, local time, the brothers emerged in Watertown and engaged police with homemade explosives in the wild pursuit, in which Tamerlan, who in the FBI images was wearing the black cap, was killed.
Dzhokhar was so desperate to escape he ran over his dying brother. He then ditched the stolen car and moved on foot through Watertown, sparking terror in the suburbs as the police dragnet closed.
By evening, residents reported hearing a series of explosions and gunshots.
Shortly after 8:45pm, Watertown fell silent. An official tweeted these words to a reporter: “Alive, conscious, captured”, signalling the siege was at an end.
In another tweet, the Boston Police said: “CAPTURED. The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And Justice has won. Suspect in custody.”
Crowds of onlookers erupted in applause as police vehicles slowly drove away – with some officers also punching the air and cheering.
Hundreds of people marched down Commonwealth Avenue , chanting “USA, USA” and singing the Boston Red Sox anthem ‘Sweet Caroline’ as they headed toward Boston Common. Police blocked traffic along part of the street to allow for the impromptu parade.
The ‘New York Times’ reported the brothers’ father, Anzor Tsarnaev, as saying Dzhokhar was naturalised last year, though Tamerlan was having trouble getting citizenship because of a domestic violence complaint.
For William Campbell, whose sister Krystle was one of three killed by the bombs, the killing and the arrest was bittersweet. He told the ‘Boston Globe’: “I’m happy that nobody else is going to get hurt…but it’s not going to bring her back.”
The men’s father has said the family fled Chechnya to escape brutality.
He went home a year ago, believing life had become safe for him, and wanted his sons to come home with him. Instead, they brought the war, a war they knew little about, to the country that had given them sanctuary – Paul Toohey


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