– Police want answers from the seriously wounded surviving Boston bombing suspect, amid reports he is responding in writing because of throat injuries.
Investigators waiting to interrogate Dzhokhar Tsarnaev since his capture on Friday are trying to determine whether his neck wound was a suicide attempt. The injury had the appearance of a close-range, self-inflicted style, a federal law enforcement official said. “He’s not in good shape.”
While authorities won’t comment on whether he had been questioned, some media are reporting that he is awake and responding to questions. USA Today cited a law enforcement official as saying he was responding in writing. NBC News, citing federal officials, reported that despite the throat injury that keeps him from talking, the 19-year-old was beginning to respond to questions.
Boston mayor Thomas Menino said he believed the two suspects were not affiliated with a larger network: “All of the information that I have, they acted alone, these two individuals, the brothers.”
A law enforcement official said counter-terrorism agents trained in interrogating “high-value” detainees had been waiting to question Tsarnaev at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, where some of the 180 people wounded in the April 15th twin blasts are also being treated. Three people died in the attacks.
In addition to his neck injury, reportedly a gunshot wound through the mouth that exited at the back of his neck, Tsarnaev is said to have been shot in the leg during a shoot-out the night before his arrest. A policeman was killed and another was seriously wounded in that shootout, in which his older brother and fellow suspect Tamerlan, 26, was killed. An hours-long manhunt followed.
Boston Police Department Commissioner Ed Davis said the brothers were armed for another attack.
They had IEDs,” Mr Davis said, referring to improvised explosive devices. “They had homemade hand grenades that they were throwing at the officers.
“The scene was loaded with unexploded improvised explosive devices that, actually we had to point out to the arriving officers and clear the area,” he said, noting that one IED was found in a Mercedes sports utility vehicle the brothers had abandoned.
He said federal authorities were trying to track down how and where the two suspects obtained the firearms and explosive devices.
Officials have invoked a public safety legal exception that will allow them to question Tsarnaev without reading him his so-called Miranda rights to remain silent and to consult a lawyer.
Some Republican politicians want Tsarnaev to be declared an enemy combatant, which would give him the same status as people detained at Guantanamo Bay.
But Senator Lindsey Graham has since nuanced his comments, stressing that Tsarnaev should only be considered an enemy combatant for interrogation purposes and should receive a civilian trial.
Critics have insisted that because Tsarnaev is a naturalised US citizen and authorities found no ties between him and terrorist groups so far, he should be granted a criminal civilian trial.
Politicians are also asking why Tamerlan Tsarnaev who may have been radicalised or even trained in the Caucasus, did not raise more red flags despite being questioned in 2011. He also spent six months in the volatile region last year – AFP, New York Times & AP


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