BODY FOUND IN HOARDER’S HOME – Friday April 26 2013

– Human remains have been found under piles of rubbish at a hone of an elderly woman, reported missing more than 18 months ago in Melbourne’s north.
Police searched the property of missing Fitzroy woman Phyllis Kelly in Little Charles Street yesterday, after gaining permission from the Coroner.
The 82-year-old has not been seen since August 20th, 2011, when she reportedly visited the State Theatre in St Kilda Road just after 6pm.
A friend reported a phone call a month after Ms Kelly was seen but no one had been heard from her since.
Her bank account has not been used.
Officers and a pathologist discovered a severely decayed body under garbage piled metres high yesterday.
They found bags stuffed with garbage, material and clothes stacked to the ceiling with small walkways cleared through the rooms.
A forensic team was at scene but the remains were yet to be identified.
Detectives had entered the house several times since Ms Kelly’s disappearance but had not been allowed to search the premises until they had legal permission.
When police initially entered her home in 2011, they reported the stove and and TV were switched on and there were two walking sticks near the front door. Neighbours and family door knocked the area in a bid to find any information about Ms Kelly.
In 2012, the Victorian MFB warned of the dangers after crews had difficulty putting out a blaze at an elderly person’s home, just streets away from Ms Kelly’s home.
They said large quantities of papers, bric-a-brac and rubbish created fuel and stopped firefighters from being able to enter the property.
About one million Australians face problems with associated with hoarding and squalor – Alex White


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