MILLER BACKS TANNER BOOK – Friday April 26 2013

– Revered former police chief commissioner Mick Miller has praised an author who cast doubt on an inquest finding that former policeman Denis Tanner murdered his sister-in-law, Jennifer.
Mr Miller made the comments in a eulogy on Wednesday for a former detective who wrote a book on the case arguing that the coroner got it wrong.
The author of ‘Blackened Tanner’, former Detective Sergeant Ron Irwin, 73, died after a long battle with cancer.
Former Victoria Police deputy commissioner Carl Mengler also used Mr Irwin’s memorial service to back the book’s conclusion that the facts and circumstances of Ms Tanner’s death were far from conclusive.
Mr Mengler also read Mr Miller’s eulogy at the memorial service in Benalla, as Mr Miller was not well enough to attend.
Victoria’s former top cop, who said he met Mr Irwin at detective training school in 1970, whether was Mr Irwin’s instructor, praised Mr Irwin’s contribution to society through his community service work.
And he said Mr Irwin’s book was a search for the truth.
The Herald Sun revealed in June last year that new evidence in Mr Irwin’s book had convinced Mr Mengler – and three other former heads of the Victoria Police Homicide Squad – that Mr Irwin’s new evidence was compelling, and pointed to the conclusion that Ms Tanner, 27, had committed suicide at her Bonnie Doon home in 1984.
Mr Tanner yesterday appealed to Chief Commissioner Ken Lay to charge him with the murder of Ms Tanner.
“That is the only avenue left to me to be able to present the new evidence and clear my name, which I would be confident of doing,” Mr Tanner said – Keith Moor


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