BIKIE RAT IN POLICE RANKS – Tuesday May 7 2013

– Underworld informers and police are at risk after being identified in secret documents stolen by a corrupt cop and given to outlaw bikies.
An ashen-faced Chief Commissioner Ken Lay said that raids on three properties a fortnight ago had discovered a staggering volume of sensitive police files, the leaking of which put lives, investigations and possibly criminal trials at risk.
Detectives are working through a list of informers leaked by the rogue officer.
But police are yet to find all of those in danger, and could not rule out that some of those informers may already have been the victims of payback attacks.
Police say they have “no idea” how many investigations have been jeopardised by the breach, which has also exposed officers and put their lives in danger.
Mr Lay said a junior member from a station in the north-west metropolitan region was at the centre of the breach. Sources said the outlaw bikie club that had corrupted the officer was the Hells Angels.
The Herald Sun has also learned a former member with the Comanchero outlaw bikie gang is suspected by the underworld of being an informer. But police confirmed there were no established links with the ex-bikie and the current investigation.
Mr Lay said the leaking was the “gravest breach of police security” he had seen in his career.
A 31-man taskforce, codenamed Keel, headed by Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana, will probe whether the leaks have led to informers being victims of payback attacks.
Taskforce Keel follows the Taskforce Eagle, established in March to identify rats in the ranks associated with outlaw gangs.
Mr Lay said the officer at the centre of the scandal would be charged.
Mr Lay said the taskforce was working to ascertain whether the officer had links with the bikie gang before becoming a police officer.
Last year the Herald Sun reported the bashing of suspected police informer Mick Mantzaris – a body builder with connections to corrupt former police officer Andrew Tait – who was clubbed by members of the Comanchero in a Doveton driveway.
Senior figures of the Comanchero and Bandidos have been linked to members of the force in recent months, which is suspected of derailing a covert operation in 2010 dubbed Operation Corsair – Wayne Flower & Anthony Dowsley


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