– A Crown employee yesterday denied changing his story to protect a high-roller accused of groping a pregnant colleague in a lift.
A jury has heard marketing manager Herbert Jia told police he saw businessman Xiangcai Yun pull the woman into the lift at Crown Towers. Yesterday, he told jurors they entered the lift holding hands in by traditional greeting.
Speaking through an interpreter, Mr Jia said his English was substandard and when he made his police statement he was confused about what “pulled” meant.
Cross-examining Mr Jia, prosecutor Rebekah Sleeth suggested he was downplaying events to help his valuable client and himself.
“I suggest to you your memory is very good in matters favourable to Mr Yun and poor concerning matters unfavourable to Mr Yun.”
Mr Jia replied he was only saying what he saw, “I’m not a detective. I don’t know which evidence is good for who,” Mr Jia said.
Mr Yun has pleaded not guilty to indecent assault and false imprisonment. He is accused of trapping the woman in the lift, touching her breast and offering her $20,000 to go to his room.
The court heard that on February 7th, 2011, Mr Yun had been on his way to dinner with family after gambling on the 39th floor, where the minimum spend is $3 million.
Mr Jia told the County Court he and a colleague had been in the lift with Mr Yun and the woman, but left to get Mr Yun’s mobile phone.
He said he did not see Mr Yun ogle the woman’s breasts, smell her, or force her into the lift after she declined a dinner invitation.
He said after retrieving the phone, he opened the lift doors to see Mr Yun and the woman, who looked unhappy and uncomfortable, standing in similar positions, hit closer together.
Mr Jia said the woman had addressed Mr Yun, a well-known regular, by name. He said staff held briefings on the high-rollers, which included information about the sums they brought, their average bets, and their previous gambling record.
Mr Jia said it wouldn’t be unusual for Mr Yun to carry up to $100,000 in chips.
Defence counsel Scott Johns has asked jurors to consider whether there was an incentive for the woman to make an assault claim.
The trial, before Judge Jane Campton continues – Emily Portelli


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