– A former member of the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle club has been stripped of his patch and identified as a police informer by his gang.
The suspected informer, an original Victorian member, had dated glamorous models before it all came unstuck last year.
It is widely speculated within the underworld he is cooperating with police, though it is not suggested he is linked to the newly formed Taskforce Keel, which has identified a rogue police officer after raids on bikie-linked properties uncovered hundreds of stolen documents from the force’s LEAP program.
Yesterday, Chief Commissioner Ken Lay said police had uncovered security breaches as late as last month and dating back three years – with information leaked to a high-profile bikie gang.
Those files contained information about “a small number of people” helping police with their investigations.
Sources have told the Herald Sun the outlaw bikie club which has corrupted the mature-age northern suburbs stationed police officer is the Hells Angels.
There are several high-ranking Hells Angels members in Victoria, with significant reach, including Nomads chapter senior members Peter Green and Ray Hamment Jr and East County chapter members Stephen Rogers and Peter “Skitzo” Hewat.
Police are aware rats in the ranks handing information to often high-ranking gang members have plagued undercover operations. Bandidos enforcer Toby Mitchell is believed to have used a former police officer to track a man he believed responsible for his shooting near his clubhouse in Weston Street, Brunswick.
Police also believe a 2010 undercover operation into Comanchero president Jay Malkoun, codenamed Corsair, was derailed by a tip-off by a police member.
The Herald Sun had learned of the covert investigation late in 2010 but was asked not to publish until the probe was over.
Outlaw motorcycle gangs such as the Comanchero, Hells Angels, Finks, Bandidos and Rebels have conducted research into the Echo Taskforce! which has been at the forefront of destabilising bikie criminal activity since 2011.
Alongside it are three taskforces, Razon, which is probing bikie links to nightclub security, Eagle (bikies infiltration into police members) and now Keel, which will seek to uncover the depth of sensitive information circulated to the underworld by at least one rogue officer.
Operation Resound is also working on bikie-tensions after an ambush by Hells Angels on Bandidos and Diablos members outside a Melbourne clubhouse.
There have been other worrying cases. Police are yet to discover how a suspected Melbourne drug boss became aware a police spy camera had been placed outside his northern suburbs factory.
He was arrested trying to fly out of Melbourne in his own aeroplane – Anthony Dowsley


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