NET CLOSES ON KILLER – Thursday May 9 2013

– Police are confident they are close to an arrest over the decades-old murder of Michelle Brown.
New evidence in recent months has strengthened the case against a notorious drug dealer and standover man, the prime suspect since soon after the killing.
The body of Ms Brown, 25, was discovered in a shed behind a Frankston gun shop two weeks after she disappeared in March 1992.
Victoria Police Cold Case Squad head Ron Iddles recently had a team of five detective sergeants review all the evidence in the case.
“We are confident we will get a result, even though the case is 21 years old,” Detective Senior Sergeant Iddles told the Herald Sun yesterday.
“There has been information that has come to us in dribs and drabs over the past 10 years.
“New information in the past 12 months has corroborated the original view as to who was responsible for Michelle’s death, and we are closing in on him,” he said.
Ms Brown’s mother, Jeanette, yesterday praised Senior-Sergeant Iddles for not giving up on catching Michelle’s killer.
Senior Sergeant Iddles said Ms Brown had started taking drugs and he believed it was mixing with the wrong crowd that got her killed.
“She was a drug user and was out to score drugs that night,” he said.
“I think there has been a dispute in relation to drugs or money and she has been attacked and left to die in a shed at the back of the gun shop.”
Witnesses told police several years after the murder that, on the night Ms Brown disappeared, they saw the suspect arguing with a woman matching her description.
“There will be people who were involved in Michelle’s drug circle back in 1992 who will know exactly who is responsible for her death,” Senior Sergeant Iddles said.
Senior Sergeant Iddles said those people could be offered protection if they feared coming forward because of the main suspect’s reputation for violence.
“He doesn’t have a fierce reputation now, but back in 1992 he had a reputation of being a standover man.”
Senior Sergeant Iddles yesterday urged anyone with information about Ms Brown’s death to call Crime Stoppers.
He said if they wanted to speak directly to him they could ask Crime Stoppers to be put through.
“I will make myself available at all times,” Senior Sergeant Iddles said.
He said there was a $50,000 reward for solving the case – Keith Moor


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